About Us

Perreno focused solely on creating products for children. We like to think that many families have chosen our goods because we provide the reliable yet affordable products. Therefore, behind the safety, aesthetic appeal and sturdiness of each Perreno stroller, there is not only a brand but also a commitment.

Perreno has stood out since our inception for the quality and reliability of our products. At Perreno, ensuring the best possible quality is a priority and a strong corporate value.

Quality sourcing
To ensure the quality of the raw materials and spare parts, we carefully select our suppliers and routinely inspect incoming goods.

Design in France
Our R&D site is based in Angers, France. Thus, while helping sustain jobs in the local economy, Perreno ensures the quality of our products by:
• recruiting and training our own employees,
• performing quality checks at every stage of product development and before shipping.

Training / skills transfer
To provide high quality services to our customers across the world, Perreno has developed a certified training program for our distributors and resellers. This skills transfer ensures local service providing quick response time and maximum quality.